Cakes and Cream : Branches, Menu, Prices

Cakes and Crème

Cakes and Cream, a Nigerian cake company based in Lagos specializes in baking cake for consumers whether for their events, or just for taste buds satisfaction.

Cakes and Cream is a very popular cake company in Nigeria. They are known for their delicious and sumptuous cakes that come in different varieties. In this article, we will be looking at Cakes and Cream in depth, their location, menu and prices.

Branches of Cakes and Cream in Lagos. 

The Cakes and Cream company have four branches in Lagos. 

Surulere branch.

Cakes and Creme branch at Surulere is located at No 12, Ogunlana drive, Surulere, Lagos State. You can call their Surulere branch for your orders at (+234)08102930293. 

Berger Branch.

Cakes and Creme branch at Berger is located at 103, Isheri Road, Ojodu Berger, Lagos. You can contact their Berger Branch at 09082227222.

Ikeja Branch. 

Cakes and Creme branch at Ikeja, Lagos' capital is 95, Opebi road, Opebi, Ikeja, Lagos. You can call their Ikeja line on 08102910291. They open at 9am everyday. 

Victoria Island branch.

Cakes and Creme branch at Victoria Island is at 20, Adeola Hopewell street, VI, Lagos. You can call their Ikeja line at 08102920292. 
You can call any of their branches closest to you to order your quality and munchy cakes from them. 

Cakes and Creme Menu. 

Cakes and Cream company deals in all types of cakes for any event. Their motto even says, "If you can dream it, we can cream it." If you need any cake of any design or type, they are just a call away. They also offer free shipping for their customers and have amazing customer service. 

Birthday Cakes. 

Do you need to make a personalized birthday cake for your friend, your lover, your mother or just about anyone? Cakes and Cream specialize in such. They make cakes for celebrants and personalize the cakes to meet the celebrant's tastes. You get to choose the flavor you want your cake in.

On their website, at, they have different designs and styles for birthday cakes from the Cascading Flowers style which costs ₦40,000, to the Classic Ruffled design which costs ₦39,300, to the Bed of Roses design which costs ₦20,000, to the Gorgeous 40 design which costs ₦45,800 to the Matching Shoe and bag design where they make the cake with a icing shoe and bag on top, this one costs ₦66,400 according to the information on their website.

There are so much more designs on their website. You can click this link to go directly to the birthday cake menu section of their website to see more designs and shop for your own birthday cake.

Wedding Cakes.

Cakes and Cream also specialize in baking and decorating wedding cakes for wedding and engagement events. Their cakes are worth their price and are really tasty and beautiful. Rather than giving the project of your wedding cake to a quack cake Baker, go for the professionals in cake baking and decorations.

They also wouldn't dissapoint with delivery and will deliver your wedding cake when you need it. Wedding cakes require specialty and professionalism. You don't want your guests or your clients if you are an event planner to complain about the cake you brought for them. They paid you well for the cake, and as an event planner, you are expected to deliver the best of the best.

Their wedding cakes prices range from ₦30,000 to ₦200,000 depending on the size, decoration and of course, your pocket. 

Engagement Cakes.

Do you want your engagement cake to be purely traditional? Are you a very traditional person that likes to stick to their roots? Cakes and Cream promises to make your dream traditional cake come through.

If you browse through their site, you will see a collection of cake designs that are very cultural and well molded. It is hard to believe that those works of Art are actually cakes? They have different designs for traditional cakes of which you can order your choice from their website at the Engagement cakes section. They have the Palm wine gourd cake design which according to their website goes for ₦28,600.

They have the Bride and Groom cake which goes for ₦46,200. They have Drum set cake which goes for ₦37,600. They have the Fruit basket cake which goes for ₦31,800. They have the Treasure chest design cake which goes for ₦67,700.

All prices are listed as according to their official website. There are many more engagement cake designs you can choose. Just go to their website at and browse their Engagement cakes section. 

Children's Cakes

Cakes and Cream also have the category of Children's cakes. Children love the cartoons and shows they watch on TV. And many times, they want their cakes to be designed after their favorite TV character. Whether Sofia or any Cartoon character.

Cakes and Cream designs such cartoon character cakes for children. Whether the child is celebrating their birthday or graduating from nursery/primary school, Cakes and Cream has got your child covered. They have so many children cake designs up on their website. There is the Doll Cake design of Cinderella, the cartoon character cakes of Sofia and so many more. 

Apart from the cakes listed above, Cakes and Cream also bakes Buttercream cakes, Valentine Cakes for lovers, Sport cakes, and even whip ice cream! They also are experts in cake varieties like Black Forest cake, Red velvet cakes, and so on. You obviously can't go wrong with Cakes and Cream.

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