Parsley leaves; the one spice with numerous nutritional benefits

parsley leaves

Parsley leaves are leaves gotten from the Parsley flowering plant which is also called garden Parsley. Garden Parsley belongs to the family of plants called Apiaceae.

Garden Parsley is a biennial plant that is cultivated in several places all over the world. Parsley leaves are cultivated and used as an herb, a spice, or a vegetable.

 In this article, we will be looking at Parsley leaves in depth. We will look at places or countries it is native to, we will look at its Yoruba or Nigerian name, its uses to mankind and so on.

Read on to know more about Parsley leaves and its uses.

Parsley leaves have other names. What are they?

Parsley Leaves are also called Scent leaves perhaps this is because of its strong scent that it gives off. Also, it has a name among the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria where it is called Efinrin.

Any Yoruba native person will know Parsley leaves once it is called by its Yoruba name. It is commonly used as an herb in Yoruba land to cure Pile. 

Which places/countries are Parsley Leaves native to?

Parsley Leaves is native to the Mediterranean region in North Africa and some parts of Europe like Portugal. Parsley Leaves are also grown in Europe and West Africa too. 

The botanical name for Parsley Leaves.

Parsley leaves are called Petroselinum crispum scientifically. It had similar but different scientific names for like species of it. 

Below we will be looking at the numerous benefits of Parsley Leaves in depth. That is its health benefits to man and to the world at large.

1. Parsley Leaves have been shown to fight and prevent cancer.

Various studies have been done to know if Parsley Leaves can help to fight cancer. Some research scientist from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology have confirmed that Parsley Leaves contains the compounds necessary to fight Cancer.

The compound called "Carnosol" is what Parsley Leaves have that they used to fight Cancer. Adding Parsley Leaves to your diet regularly can help you to prevent cancer and will greatly lower your risk of developing it.

2. Parsley leaves boost the immune system.

Parsley Leaves are known to contain twice the amount of vitamin C that citrus fruits like Orange contains. Vitamin C is a very important Vitamin required for fighting diseases in human beings.

Because Parsley leaves contain so much Vitamin C, it is the perfect immune system boost. It will help your body in fighting off unwanted and deadly infections because of its high Vitamin C content. 

3. Parsley Leaves helps your bones and teeth tremendously. 

Parsley Leaves have a lot of Vitamin K in its nutrients content. Vitamin K is very important for the maintenance of the bones and teeth. Parsley Leaves help to prevent bone resorption and promote good bone and teeth health.

Parsley leaves are especially important for growing children as it helps them to form strong bones and teeth. A good skeletal structure is very important in a human being. 

4. Parsley Leaves are known to treat Pile and Diarrhea

Parsley Leaves that is Efinrin, is especially known in Yoruba land in Nigeria, for its fast effect in treating Diarrhea and Pile. If you have problems like stooling and stomach problems, Parsley Leaves have been used for a long time to cure these problems.

Parsley Leaves can be drunk as tea when its leaves are soaked in water. This is used for fast stomach relief. 

5. Parsley Leaves also helps to control your body's cholesterol levels. 

Because of the fiber content of Parsley Leaves, it works well in regulating cholesterol levels in the body. In a study carried out on the Parsley Leaves, it was shown that aqueous solutions of Parsley leaves contain hypocholesterolemic attributes and contents which indirectly helps to lower the cholesterol levels in the body. Significantly high cholesterol levels can cause heart problems like arteriosclerosis.

6. Parsley Leaves are known to ease menstrual pain and help pregnant women.

Parsley Oil has emmenagogue effects on a woman's body. There are two volatile oils present in Parsley Leaves that are responsible for this effect. Parsley Leaves can ease menstrual pain and they also allow for easy menstrual flow.

It has also been shown that Parsley drinks can help to induce labour in pregnant women that are already due for childbirth. In ancient times, Parsley leaves were used frequently to cure menstrual problems.

7. Parsley Leaves also helps in eliminating wrinkles, scars and also nourishes the skin. 

Another surprising power of Parsley Leaves is that its high Vitamin C content can help to heal the skin from the inside. Parsley Leaves can help to heal the scars and wounds on the skin and it also nourishes the skin deeply.

Parsley Leaves help to promote glowing skin, prevents wrinkles through its ability to boost collagen production in the body.

8. Parsley leaves are very antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory in action.

Parsley Leaves contain a volatile Oil called Eugenol. Eugenol is very antibacterial and antifungal in action. This can help to fight many microbial infections in the body including pimples, skin infections and inner body infections.

Parsley Oil is derived from Parsley Leaves. Parsley Oil, when applied on the skin undiluted, can burn the skin. So, it is important to dilute it in a carrier oil like Olive Oil or Almond oil before applying it on the skin. Drinking Parsley drinks, tea or juice can also have the same anti-microbial action on the body from the inside. 

Parsley Leaves obviously have lots of benefits to human beings from serving as an herb that is used to heal sicknesses, to serving as a spice, vegetable, and toppings on food. Parsley leaves are a treasure to mankind and it has so many uses. Much more uses than we have stated here.

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