Cinnamon, the spice that makes the difference


Cinnamon is a type of spice that has a sweet flavour and is of a sweet aroma. Cinnamon spice is gotten from the bark of tree species of the Genus cinnamonium. 

There are several tree species from which Cinnamon spice, as well as its essential oil, can be gotten from. But overall, they are all of the Genus cinnamonium. 

Cinnamon is added as a flavour and as a spice to snacks, foods, dishes, cuisines and so on. Cinnamon's bark in its raw form has a brown colour and is usually ground into powder when used as a spice.

Indonesia and China are the world's largest producers of Cinnamon. They contribute over 75% of the world's supply of Cinnamon. Cinnamon has lots of medicinal properties and is a very healthy natural and herbal food additive.

The Cinnamon bark is usually depicted in pictures as a curled up brown bark that has rolled up and that looks like a tube. This is because as the Cinnamon bark dries up, it tends to roll up. Cinnamon has been used for several reasons in the past from embalming corpses and mummies to cooking, to spicing food and so on.

Cinnamon spice and essential Cinnamon oil is gotten from various species of Cinnamon tree. Cinnamon was used extensively in ancient Egypt and was considered an excellent gift for Egyptian Kings at the time because it was very scarce and had lots of uses.

When Cinnamon sticks are dried up and have rolled up, they can be ground into powdery form to give Cinnamon powder. The oil that is produced by Cinnamon is what gives it the smell and flavour.

Types of Cinnamon.

1. Cassia Cinnamon.
This is the common Cinnamon used in everyday life today.

2. Ceylon Cinnamon
This one is considered the original or true Cinnamon type.

Cinnamon is very high in a compound called Cinnamaldehyde.
This compound is believed to be responsible for its medicinal abilities and properties. Let's look at some of the benefits of Cinnamon to human beings below;

1. Of all the special spices out there, Cinnamon is the best spice loaded with antioxidants.

A study was conducted by scientists to check which spice was the most medicinal of the 26 spices that were studied. Cinnamon was the highest in content for antioxidants like polyphenols. Even beating the famous medicinal food, Garlic to its game. Antioxidants are very good for your body.

They help in fighting free radicals in the body and thereby protect you from diseases and sicknesses. Too much free radicals can cause Cancer in human beings and other health problems. So, a smart way to protect your body is to add just the right amount of Cinnamon to your food intake daily.

2. Cinnamon is also a natural food preservative.

Cinnamon essential oil is very effective in preventing the growth of microbes in food by up to 60%! Because of this, it makes for a perfect, natural and healthy substitute for artificial food preservatives. The spice is also effective in inhibiting microbial growth which is essential for the process of food preservation.

3. Cinnamon also helps in fighting against diabetes effectively.

One of the things Cinnamon is popular for, is its ability to lower blood sugar levels in the human body. What this means is that, Cinnamon can help you to prevent and cure diabetes. This is good news for diabetic patients.

Cinnamon effectively interferes with the rate of Carbohydrate breakdown in the body in which it reduces the amount of Glucose that enters into the blood stream. But Cinnamon should only be taken in doses of 0.5 to 2 teaspoons a day. Overdosing on Cinnamon can be very dangerous even though it's still very healthy.

4. Cinnamon can prove effective in Cancer Prevention. 

Cinnamon helps in killing cancerous cells. We all know how deadly Cancer can get. Cancer is a situation in the body where the cells continually grow uncontrolled. It is a very killer disease. But studies have come to show that Cinnamon is very toxic to Cancer cells.

It causes the death of Cancer cells by activating the action of detoxifying enzymes in the affected area. It also activates protective antioxidants in the affected area of the body.

5. Cinnamon helps in fighting against microbial infections.

Another threat to humans is bacterial and fungal infections. Cinnamon can help in fighting against fungal infections that affect the respiratory tract especially when it is in its oil form.

It can also help in reducing the rate of growth of some type of bacteria like Salmonella. The compound Cinnamaldehyde, is believed to be responsible for this action against microbes. It also helps in fighting against tooth decay very well.


With all that has been said above, it is clear that Cinnamon is indeed nature's gift to the world. It has so many benefits and luckily for us, it is very common and easily accessible. But just because it is healthy, does not mean it should be taken in large quantities. Overdosing on Cinnamon can be very harmful for you as a person.

Cinnamon should be taken moderately. The Ceylon Cinnamon which is the original type of Cinnamon, is much healthier and safer to take than its Cassia counterpart. But all-in-all, use Cinnamon only in small quantities. Stick to it only as a spice or a flavouring and make sure to not overdo its intake.